Tuesday, September 23, 2008

...but the music has been saved

The Columbus Symphony announced yesterday that the Musicians and management have come to an agreement over the labor dispute.

Columbus Dispatch Article

The Musicians have taken "painful" cuts, but the music has been saved--as well as maintaining 53 full-time musicians. Now the only question is what the true cost of the cuts will be, and what impact they will have on the future and quality of the orchestra.

Briefly, the results of the agreement include:

> A roughly 25% pay cut
> A reduced season (from 46 to 38 weeks)
> Some performances will be held in Vets Memorial as opposed to the Ohio Theatre

...but the music has been saved.


Anonymous said...

the music has not been saved. it has been downgraded. saved has a different meaning.

Anonymous said...

The only thing good about the settlement is that the musicians will have an income while they look for other work. Will people continue to contribute if key players leave and artistic quality suffers? Columbus has chosen cost cutting and mediocrity over investment and growth.

Anonymous said...

I agree completely with what you both have said. I think by saved, the writer meant that at least there will be music in Columbus. As sad as the situation is, at least there won't be a complete vacuum in the place of the CSO.

Anonymous said...

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