Monday, June 16, 2008

News Updates

> Adaptistration Article: "Things that Make You Go 'Buh?' " (6/9)
> Abu Bratsche Article: "What's the opposite of 'accountability'?" (6/8)
> Columbus Dispatch Article: "Museum garden site for concerts" (6/8)
> Adaptistration Article: "Sticks and Drones: New at the Columbus Dispatch: First Date Announcements" (6/6)
> Columbus Dispatch Article: "Union: Board can't end contract" (6/6)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008



OSU The Lantern Article: "Campus group supports C-bus Symphony" (5/29)
WOSU Christopher Purdy radio clip: Kids with PASSION! Concert (5/26)

The list of recent news articles:

> "Non Divisi" Blog Article from Frank Almond (MS): "Columbus' Last Voyage?" (6/2)
> Columbus Dispatch photo collection of the Final CSO Concert (6/1)
> Columbus Dispatch Article: "Ending on uncertain note" (6/1)
> Columbus Dispatch: "Favorite son-in-law steps up for symphony" (5/29)
> WOSU Radio News clip: "GCAC Funding for Columbus Symphony 'Tabled'" (5/27)
> WOSU Radio News clip: "Columbus Symphony board and players hold more talks but gain little ground" (5/27)
> WKSU Radio Newsclip: "Building the classical music audience of the future" (5/28)
> WOSU Open Line Radio Program: "The Future of the Columbus Symphony Orchestra" (5/22)
> Adaptistration Article: "Why Do They Keep Opening Their Mouths" (5/27)
> Columbus Dispatch Article: "Symphony's Pain Hurts Others" (5/25)