Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A BIG day today!

Lots of news to report to you, fellow CSO supporters!!

First, the Columbus Symphony Orchestra musicians have released their first official statement on their website about the proposed plan. Click here to to read their official position and reaction to the current situation.

Second, I wanted to highlight some of the links on the right under the heading "Recently Posted by Others." The most recent additions are the Columbus Dispatch Editorial on 1/28 and the post on the Slipped Disc blog post (from London!). The Dispatch Editorial was written in support of the board's plan. The editorial in the Dispatch fails to take into account several repercussions, most noticeably what would happen if the Music Director decides to leave because of the cuts.

Third, I heard from Mr. Christopher Purdy today that Fred Andrle will discuss the CSO on his OPEN LINE program Monday, February 4 @ 11 a.m. on WOSU 820 AM. With him will be guests Barbara Zuck, Marshall Haddock, Lyman Leathers and from London, Norman Lebrecht (author of the Slipped Disc blog mentioned above).

Overall, today there was a lot announced. Many thanks to the many who have emailed me content pertinent to the situation. Please keep it coming so that all may stay informed!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Benefit Concert for the CSO announced!

Hello fellow proud supporters!

I heard from an OSU student who is working very hard and is in the process of creating a benefit concert in which all proceeds will go to the Columbus Symphony Orchestra.

The date is tentatively set for May 25. The location is TBA as of right now.

Her website will launch shortly providing details about the benefit concert.

I have heard from the her that volunteers will be needed to:
+ answer phones
+ be ushers who will pass out programs, etc.
+ potential other jobs yet to be announced

Please keep these areas in mind and sign up on the new website which is coming. I will post about the new site and link to it as well, when it is available.

This is a great way to support the Columbus Symphony Orchestra!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Orchestra Comparisons!

As I have been browsing around, I found some information that showed pretty clearly that the city of Columbus does not compare to cities such as Grand Rapids, Jacksonville, and Charlotte as some have said.

What the city of Columbus does compare to in wealth and size are the cities of Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis and Cincinnati. What is shocking is how the average income per household is greater here in Columbus than in the other four cities. The orchestra sizes of each of these comparable cities is close to double the size of ours, and the endowment for the orchestras of these major cities is unbelievably higher than ours.

The information from the data I read came from Sperling's BestCity Comparisons and the orchestra financial and musician roster size came from the American Federation of Musicians. Reputable sources all around.

Seeing information like this should make us wonder why our orchestra isn't similar?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

From YOU! - Comments of support to the Orchestra

In response to several emails, I am now posting with an area to send comments of support to the orchestra. It is great to let our CSO orchestra members know what a fine job they are doing and that they have our fullest support.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

From YOU! - Possible Solutions

The Columbus Dispatch has done a superb job establishing the fact that most Columbus citizens believe that the Columbus Symphony Orchestra is needed as an essential fine arts establishment in our community.

But what now? So we have come to the conclusion that the CSO should stay. But what is the next step in helping our musician friends?

This post was created to be commented on by YOU to offer ideas on what should be done to save the CSO. Please click on the comments button below in this post to add to the discussion!

We ask that you keep all comments courteous and constructive and we look forward to hearing from the community!

CSO Financial Information

Here is the site for the actual financial information of the Columbus Symphony.

Please read discerningly through this information so that you can make an informed opinion.

(Note: this link is provided in the right-hand side as well for future reference!)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Users of Facebook

If you are a user of Facebook, then search for the group "Proud Supporters of the Columbus Symphony Orchestra" and join that group to connect with other people who share a love of the orchestra!

As always, support YOUR Columbus Symphony Orchestra!!

Under Construction

This blog is being created to provide a place for the community to provide ideas and dicsussion about the Columbus Symphony Orchestra. As part of our goal, we would like to provide pertinent content about this situation to the community. All "official" communication from the orchestra members is being posted to the CSO Musicians website (the musicians are aware of this site as well). The content that will be provided here will be able to be commented on by all individuals, and input WILL BE NEEDED BY THE COMMUNITY!!! Thank you for supporting YOUR orchestra!