Sunday, July 27, 2008

MANY NEW websites and articles!

As the summer continues to go on, there has been a change in the wind with the Musicians of the Columbus Symphony. The musicians have banded together to play concerts for their dedicated audiences during the many of you all know and have attended to show your support!! The musicians thank you for your ardent support and attendance.

This coming weekend is the final concert of the summer classics series.

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Amidst the multiple websites that have appeared and disappeared, here are the important ones to watch closely:

> Columbus Symphony Orchestra Committee official website
> Musicians of the Columbus Symphony Concerts page
> Symphony Columbus website
> Symphony Columbus blog page

Below is a fairly comprehensive list of summertime articles and updates:

> New York Times: "Columbus Symphony Cancels Part of Season" (7/26)
> AP News Flash: "Contact clashh puts fate of Ohio symphony in doubt" (7/26)
> The Other Paper: "Siciliani: Save CSO to protect my legacy" (7/24)
> Columbus Business First: "Symphony to fall silent in October, November" (7/24)
> Columbus Dispatch: "Maestro to lead concert as gift to community" (7/24)
> Columbus Dispatch: "Symphony cancels fall concerts" (7/2)
> Sticks and Drones: "Sticking it in the (buck)eye!...." (7/21)
> Columbus Local News: "Mozart's Bakery to feed symphony supporters" (7/21)
> Sticks and Drones: "Pull up the Roots" (7/16)
> Symphony Columbus Musicians post: "Withholding of Funding by Major Donors a Referendum" (7/19)
> Adaptistration: "Beadle? Pot? Kettle?" (7/16)
> Columbus Dispatch: "Musicians reject offer, dismissal of Hirokami" (7/15)
> Columbus Dispatch: "CSO musicians fill void wiht music, more concerts" (7/11)
> Cleveland Plain Dealer: "Columbus Symphony fights on" (7/8)
> 610 WTVN Christy Chatman: "Columbus Symphony, Management Look for Harmony" (7/7)
> Columbus Dispatch: "Musicians to hold own version of summer pops" (7/3)
> Adaptistration: "Knowing When to Quit" (6/23)
> The Wall Street Journal: "Goodbye Columbus Symphony" (6/19)
> Kenneth Woods "A View from the Podium": Columbus Symphony (6/16)

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