Friday, May 23, 2008

CSO Musicians Press Conference

Here are the links to the CSO Musicians Press Conference on YouTube:

Part 1 Bruce Ridge, Chair of ICSOM

Part 2 Dan LaMacchia

Part 3 CSO Chair James Akins and Doug Fisher

Part 4

Part 5


Miriam Hitchcock said...

Where can I access Daniel LaMaccia's budget report?

Anonymous said...

It's pathetic for Mr. Trafford to question Mr. LaMacchia's understanding of orchestra operations when the evidence indicates a significant deficit in Mr. Trafford's own understanding. It appears that his board and CSO management are running this fine institution into the ground. The board has failed the CSO and they should do the right thing: either clean up CSO management and raise the money the quite affordable CSO needs or have the grace to resign.

BrahmsNotes said...

the .pdf files of the report should be able to be accessed at on the news and press page.